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Complex Business Litigation Services

Global is based out of Southern California, but its network of attorneys is nationwide and provides consulting to companies in any state or jurisdiction. Our attorneys understand and focus on the issues that are material to your business to provide full transparency and a clear path every step of the way.


Global’s Class Action attorneys defend businesses sued in class actions related to many different claims and causes of action. Global’s attorneys work nationwide to protect businesses, and minimize losses using all available means to defeat the class claims. Global has successfully defeated and settled class actions before class certification and uses a calculated and academic approach to dismantle the class claims.


Almost every business dispute involves a written agreement. Global’s vast experience drafting and litigating agreements provide it a well-rounded competitive edge. Further, Global’s involvement in litigation regarding complex financial institutions has required that Global attorneys break down highly convoluted and complex agreements to the simplest terms for presentation to a court or jury. Global’s wholistic approach and review ensures that the contract’s terms apply based on the most up-to-date law, legal interpretation, and drafting standards.


Employees are a company’s most important asset, and greatest potential liability. Employment claims are often brought by plaintiff’s attorneys that have one goal in mind: do as little work as possible to get the largest amount of money. That’s because they know that most times, the employer has nothing to gain from winning a case, and is responsible for the costs regardless. Global’s attorneys have worked both sides of the fence, defending and pursuing employment claims. Thus, Global uses a tactical approach to dismantle claims, and discourage plaintiff’s attorneys, who try to call the shots. But Global’s model is built on long and sustainable relationships with its clients, so Global gears the litigation towards early settlement so that the claims do not disrupt your business.


Privately held companies face a myriad of particular concerns and issues related to ownership and shareholders. Minority shareholders or owners looking for a business divorce may find the issues more complicated than a marital divorce. Thus, Global approaches the dispute in a manner so as to preserve the business operations and avoid complex litigation. But when litigation is necessary, businesses benefit from Global’s vast experience forming, advising, and protecting businesses.


Global’s intricate knowledge of how many businesses operate allows Global to quickly investigate and gather all facts, and typically does not require hours of intensive education that many attorneys require before defending a case. Instead, Global focuses only on the intricacies to apply its proven defense tactics to dismantle claims under the business judgment rule, the entire fairness doctrine, the two-step merger strategy, exculpatory provisions and fairness committees, Revlon duties, challenges to defensive measures, UNOCAL duties, “fiduciary-outs,” break-up fees, majority of minority provisions, as well as “lock up,” “no-talk” and “no-shop” provisions. We have experience in Dodd-Frank Act “say on pay” cases, including recently defeating a proxy challenge at the pleadings stage through an aggressive assertion of SLUSA removal jurisdiction.


Global takes an academic and aggressive approach to your criminal case. Global understands that many professionals need to avoid convictions, whether due to embarrassment, credit and underwriting, or licensing concerns. Global handles a wide array of criminal cases and understands the importance of handling each with confidentiality and little to no effect on your business. Our approach allows us to systematically break down the charges so you do not have to face a lengthy trial. Often times our approach yields a plea bargain, allowing you to completely avoid a lengthy and embarrassing trial. If a trial is needed, however, Global attorneys are confident litigators straight through to appeal if needed.


A company’s trade secrets are often the life blood of their business, and protection of those assets sometimes requires prompt action related to any breach. Global moves fast to protect trade secrets using temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, and seizure orders. Global understands that trade secrets cases can also involve complex and burdensome issues; but also knows that the litigation cannot cost more than the trade secrets are worth. Global therefore works with the client to control costs and achieve the necessary protections.


Global represents both franchises and franchisees. Misrepresentations on opportunities, financial disclosure documents (FDDs), breaches of franchise agreements, anti-trust law violations, or getting sued in an unjust declaratory relief action can jeopardize a franchise. The issues related to franchises range from infringement, vicarious liability claims, consumer fraud, and antitrust matters. Global executes effective and efficient litigation strategies to reduce the impact on the franchise so that the dispute does not completely disrupt franchise operations.


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