Let our results speak


“Any time one of my vendors or affiliates get sued, I contact Chris & James because I know that my valued relationships with those referrals are in good hands, and will survive the lawsuit.”


The demands of an in-house counsel do not allow for the time to litigate every case. Chris and James’s rates allow my legal department to contact Global Legal Law Firm any time that we are threatened with or consider filing a lawsuit. We highly value their expertise and sound advice.

– In-House Counsel for Large ISO / MSP,

I went to Global Legal Law Firm’s offices for intensive training on customer service, retention, and legal rebuttal training. I was a little intimidated by visiting a fancy law office. But when I got there, I quickly realized how welcoming and down to earth they were. I felt right at home and learned so much. They taught me how to handle every situation, and now know how the smallest slip up can change a small problem to a huge one. After the trip I was able to create a systemic company policy that has increased our profits. We do not give in to each merchant that threatens us with a lawsuit; we have full confidence in our contracts, rebuttals and procedures. But if it does escalate, I can relax knowing that Global Legal Law Firm will take care of the rest.

 Jessica Finnegan, Entrust Customer Service

Global Legal Law Firm has helped our retention of valued merchants tremendously. Due to Global Legal Law Firm, we have observed a substantial increase on the quantity of merchants that decide to come back on board and continue processing withPayment Systems once Global Legal Law Firm is involved. Global Legal Law Firm has also helped train our Customer Service department to keep retention rate up and our attrition rate down. We foresee a substantial decrease on the losses to the company directly related to Global Legal Law Firm’s training, performance, and direct involvement. Thank you Chris and James!

– Chaz Webb and Lilia Lomeli Payment Systems, Customer Service and Retention

“Global Legal Law Payments Industry Attorney’s James Huber and Chris Dryden leveled the playing field against a top national law firm and their client. Their reputation as litigation experts with deep Payments knowledge brought instant clarity and credibility to a highly contentious, high stakes, Payments / FEHA Employment case which has escalated to the highest court in the State of California. When the stakes were the highest, Attorney James Huber heroically stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me, and went toe-to-toe against Industry giants.

Thanks you James and Chris, for your dedication and professionalism.”

– J. Dallape, San Diego, CA

Notable Results

  • Payment Systems v. Audio Symphony in San Francisco Superior Court
    Full judgment on amounts owed from merchant breaching processing agreements.

  • Style Child, Inc. v. Northern Leasing, et al.
    Case settled before litigation ensued

  • Plaintiff* v. Ladco, et al.
    Complaint dismissed by court.

  • Plaintiff v. First Data Global Leasing, et al.
    Complaint dismissed by Court.

  • Plaintiff v. Merchant Processing Solutions, LLC
    Global Legal Law Firm upholds choice of forum, and has litigation moved. Case is settled.

  • Payment Systems v. Bentley.
    Former ISO agents and co-owners sued for stealing trade secrets. Case settles when the defendants fail to appear for what was to be a scathing deposition by attorney Huber.

  • Degnen v. Entrust
    Case involving allegations of deceptive marketing and assessment of unauthorized charges. Case settled before class-certification.

  • Choi et al. v. Payment Systems
    Case involving allegations of deceptive marketing practices. Following initial deposition of class representative case settled before class-certification and for nominal exposure.

  • Dodds v. Merchant Processing Solutions
    Case involving allegations of California wage and hour violations. Case settled before discovery or class-certification Motions.

  • Global Legal Law Firm sits front seat and helps negotiation the sale of an ISO to a public company in exchange for green and white paper. The stock nearly quadruples immediately following the sale.

  • Global Legal Law Firm continues to grow its base of legal services in the payments industry by assisting clients in multiple additional mergers and acquisitions and asset purchase and sale transactions, creating new payment facilitator models, securing licenses and compliance for increasing scrutiny over cash advance companies, and expanding on existing compliance program designed to address findings and results of recent FTC, CFPB and State AG enforcement actions, some of which Global Legal Law Firm represented those entities under investigation.

  • Securus v. John Gosselin, et al.
    Global Legal Law Firm on behalf of its client sues John Gosselin, who was a double agent for its ISO client and a competitor, after his reality TV deals faltered, and received a $1M judgment against Gosselin and his cohorts in Oregon State Court.

  • Datalink and Consolidate Payments v. Challas Group
    Global Legal Law Firm successfully defends an ISO that allegedly breached its contractual obligations by converting many key executives, agents, and employees against a super ISO in Dallas Texas.

  • Payprotec vs. Factor Funding, Mendle Chanin, et al.
    In New York Federal Court, Global Legal Law Firm pursues companies and its owners as part of a major merger that led to malicious theft against Global Legal Law Firm’s client. Global Legal Law Firm obtains an injunction prohibiting the individuals from continuing the acts and pursuing their line of business. Huber also disqualifies Mitchell Shapiro (attorney from Wal-Mart interchange class-action) from representing defendants.

  • FTC v. Health Formulas, LLC
    Global Legal Law Firm assists ISO client with accommodating FTC’s requests for documents in its prosecution of illegal merchant enterprise. ISO client not made a target of investigation thanks in large part to adoption of Global Legal Law Firm’s compliance protocols which reveal ISO’s compliance with evolving FTC standards.