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Electronic payments have continued to surge around the world. The movement towards electronic, online, digital payments has grown almost exponentially in the past decade, and there’s no reason to believe the trend will lessen in the coming decades and beyond. The opportunities for ISOs have never been greater. Concurrently, the laws surrounding ISO formation and operation are also continuing to expand and increase – thus it’s never been more important for ISOs to utilize expert, experienced legal assistance and guidance to navigate the always complex bankcard/payments industry.

What are ISOs?

As described above, ISOs (or Independent Sales Organizations) serve as the go-between for smaller businesses processing credit card based transactions or any electronic fund transfer regularly. There are several different ways this can work. An ISO will most commonly process electronic payments to Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or any other card issuer and receive a cut of the payment. Think of an ISO, like Square, Stripe, or Braintree, as the guy taking money from your hands and giving it to whomever you owe the funds to. When the money is safely in the other person’s pocket, that guy takes a few cents or dollars and pockets them. Easy.

ISOs aren’t regulated by federal agencies the way banks are, which gives them a lot of freedom to innovate and come up with exciting financial solutions. Particularly in this challenging day and age, having ISO solutions around has allowed everyone from a crafter selling on Etsy to someone baking brownies to raise money for a local charity to seamlessly process card payments. In some cases, this has meant that local cafes, shops, and other merchants have been able to stay afloat through the COVID-19 pandemic.

When would you need to worry about electronic payments litigation?

The thing about ISOs is that they make everything seem a little simpler than it actually is. Just because you can order a Square over the internet and begin to process electronic payments on your smartphone doesn’t mean that you’re free of fines or other responsibilities when it comes to your financial dealings. Actually, the fact that things are so streamlined can result in small business owners being lulled into a false sense of security. Then, when someone files motions against you in a court of law, or you have to collect on a debt, or you have to negotiate a contract for an acquisition, you may find yourself poring over the legalese in the Terms of Use you signed naively months ago.

As these financial innovations become more common and widespread, the legal ramifications have become clearer, and the legal field of electronic payments litigation has become more advanced. This is where the expertise of an experienced payments attorney becomes invaluable. When you have an attorney with experience in ISO law, you’ll know that you have a deeper understanding of where you stand about any litigation that may be plaguing you. Attorneys can help you navigate the legalese in terms of Use document, serve as an arbitrator in any legal misunderstanding, and provide you with authority to make knowledgeable decisions for your financial future. If you’re operating an ISO, working with a sub-ISO or another ISO, make sure you’re insulated and protected by industry professionals who specialize in ISO law.

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What’s it all mean for you? With challenge comes innovation—this has always been true of human society. The past year has been a doozy – including for the payments industry, payment gateways, ISOs, and merchants alike. Nonetheless, human innovation has taken the bull by the horns. We’ve developed a vaccine in record time, figured out ways to come up with enough PPE for healthcare providers and educators around the United States, and rethought everything from schools to Zumba classes to account for our digital living environment. For all of this and the exciting developments in digital payments, we should be very excited, and yes, optimistic.

However, you should always be concerned that there may be loopholes you’re not thinking about, business decisions you could be more informed on, and potential dangers for you and your endeavors. That being said, by getting expert advice and maintaining an awareness of developments, you can be more enthusiastic rather than wary as we move together into this new time of increased online commerce.

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