Global Legal Law Firm

Collections, Litigation, UCC Seizure, and Asset Recovery

Fast. Effective.


Global's collection attorneys provide boutique service to its clients with transparent reporting, easy file submission, and real-time payment. Global is compliant with the fair debt collection practices act, and as a law firm is exempt from certain regulations that limit traditional collection agencies' effectiveness. 



Law firms enjoy certain exemptions related to collection activities and can therefore pursue your debt more aggressively than typical collection companies.

Business Reputation.  We are lawyers, and if a debt is owed, we have the authority to sue, and compel compliance through the courts.  Your business reputation matters, and it's easy to rebut any complaint regarding the debt to maintain your reputation.  Global also monitors complaint boards to mitigate any adverse actions related to collection on the debt.

Recovery Rates.  Your agreements include attorneys' fees.  Our fees begin to impute to the balance owed upon receipt of the file.

Expedited Timeline.  Our best tool is that as attorney/collectors/enforcers, we act fast and can eliminate stop gaps to get the case to judgment. 

Business advantage.  Global's analysis includes advice on best practices and contract advice to companies' models are compliant and viable.  Global's client enjoy the security of having outside litigators provide advice similar to an in-house counsel.  See our full site for Global's experience advising clients on related matters, including regulatory compliance and best practices. 



Global represents both merchants and MCA companies related to MCA agreements regarding future receivable purchases, loans, residual purchases, or other financing agreements.  Global's experience in representing entities in the landscape coupled with its team of nationwide litigators and seizure experts allow Global an extreme advantage to help your company recoup losses.  Global will tailor its services, collection, lawsuit, enforcement, and liquidation to your needs.  Our most-effective tool is to sue on the verified debt, compel the merchant to respond, and settle due to the threat of increased costs related to the debt.  But a typical/ideal process and timeline includes soft collections efforts followed by aggressive litigation and seizure work.



Global's advantage is once it gets a judgment, Global has the resources to locate and seize assets.  This is typically done at the outset, where Global assesses a claims viability by locating assets and gearing collection or litigation efforts at securing those assets.  Global's intricate involvement in the electronic payments industry afford a key advantage due to that Global knows the players and their rules of conduct to seize assets.



For any losses, Global is well-versed in seizure work and can secure assets without filing a claim that either satisfy the debt or encourage a prompt settlement.



Ideas, tangible or not, are the most important things to protect in today’s competitive creative market. With so many channels and constantly replenishing feeds to watch out for, tracing the ownership and originality of a design, brand name, or invention needs the laser-focused eye of a trained attorney. We’ll handle the search, application, and filing process of trademarks, copyrights, and patents. And if your idea has been infringed upon, our litigation team will negotiate the best possible licensing and settlement agreements.