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Based in San Diego, Global Legal specializes in complex litigation cases, including defense litigation for FinTech companies. With over 30 years of combined experience, Global will work with you to craft creative solutions and cost-effective strategies to defend you from class actions. Whether you are in California or out of state, we can draw upon our nationwide network of litigation experts to help you win your case.

Our class action defense attorneys pride themselves on their out-of-the-box and streamlined approach to complex class action cases. No case is too complex for us — if you are involved in a FinTech litigation case, we at Global Legal have a multidisciplinary, dynamic legal team who will not only defend your case, but also help you regain your standing.

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Defense Litigation

Employer Defense

Our attorneys have ample experience defending labor and employment class actions in both state and federal courts. We at Global Legal have been on both sides of the fence, defending both employees and employers. As such, we know how to defend you against class actions brought by disgruntled employees. Since we value long-term relationships with our clients, we will gear the litigation towards early settlement to avoid disrupting your business.

Contact our legal team today if you are involved in a class action involving racial discrimination claims, age discrimination and harassment, misclassification, wage and hour disputes, wrongful termination, leave violations, or other labor and employment issues.

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Class Action Defense

Class actions involving complex matters ranging from employment law to shareholder and securities enforcement law are often complex and overwhelming to navigate without the help of a skilled attorney.

This is particularly the case if they involve federal and state laws in addition to other regulations. Luckily, our class action defense attorneys have ample experience defending businesses in class actions related to many different causes of actions and claims.

White Collar Defence and
Regulatory Defense

Finally, our law firm can defend you against lawsuits involving financial services and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) rules. Equipped with thorough knowledge and experience dealing with all statutes and regulations relating to the financial services industry, our attorneys have represented a variety of financial institutions in trials, arbitration, mediation, and appellate matters in California and throughout the nation.

We also assist individuals and companies in criminal risk and regulatory management in all stages, from identification to litigation as needed. Our multidisciplinary team will use an academic and calculated approach to tackle class claims in areas such as securities enforcement, economic sanctions, anti-money laundering, trust theft, and more.

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