Electronic Payments Law

In today’s global and wireless marketplace, businesses need to be able to accept electronic payment and manage the electronic processing of financial transactions.

This means handling both litigation and transactional matters across different jurisdictions and a range of service providers, technologies, and differing needs.

Our attorneys are specialists in the litigation of electronic payment processing. At Global Legal Law Firm our attorneys have combined decades of experience in litigation involving ISOs, processors, commercial collections, credit card brands, and more.

Instead of trying to navigate through this comparatively new and rapidly evolving legal field on your own, let Global Legal’s experienced attorneys guide you through it.

Our Areas of Expertise

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Contract & Document Review

Make smart contract document decisions with merchant processing agreement review. Before you sign, let our experts read the fine print.‌

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Mergers & Acquisitions

A solid credit card portfolio valuation is key to successful merchant portfolio acquisitions and sales. Get expert advice to ensure a stable transfer.

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Independent Sales Organizations

ISO agreements are common in payment processing. They define rates, terms, and more among market participants, and understanding them is key to your business.

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FinTech Law Firm

Global Legal is a FinTech law firm offering expert electronic lending assistance for alternative lending companies in a complex and growing field.

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Payment Litigation

Global Legal Law Firm’s experienced lawyers have been working in electronic payments litigation since 2008. We have dealt with credit card brands, agents, ISOs, processors, and more.

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Outside General Counsel

All businesses regularly face legal issues. Our outside general counsel services provide legal expertise tailored to your business without the overhead and expense of in-house counsel.

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Electronic Payments Expert Witness

Electronic payments specialist witnesses are key to obtaining positive results for clients and bringing critical industry knowledge to juries regarding electronic payment methods.

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About Global Legal Law Firm

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We offer a wide variety of practice areas and services for all your business’s electronic payment processing needs. Our attorneys bring combined decades of experience with hundreds of hours of litigation and tireless research to understand what needs to be done for our clients in the expanding field of electronic payments law and contract review.

From solid relationships with credit card brands to extensive experience with ISOs, software and hardware providers, complex litigation, and more, our attorneys have been to the highest courts in California and beyond, and we know the ropes in state and Federal court. We have taken on banks and credit card companies for our clients, and we believe no company is too small to fight the big banks for justice.

Our Process

Working with our skilled team of attorneys is easy. Once your client agreement is signed, our staff will work closely with you to move your matter to completion. You’ll know exactly where your case stands every step of the way.
  • Step 1
    Signed Client Agreement
  • Step 2
    Global Sends Letter
  • Step 3
    Response Received
  • Step 4
    Case Negotiation
  • Step 5
    Case Resolution

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