Processor Reserve Accounts

High-risk merchant accounts are often required to maintain large reserve accounts.

Resolve issues with your processor using our legal expertise.

If you have a high ratio of chargebacks, offer marginalized products, or are otherwise considered high risk by a processor, you are probably required to keep a large reserve account.

Thanks to Global Legal Law Firm’s years of experience in the electronic payments field, we are intimately familiar with processors and their standards. Let us help get your reserve funds returned to you promptly.

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Reserve Funds

We know reserve funds: why processors require them, how to get them back, and how to resolve any issues.

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Our resources can help you find out more about reserve funds.

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Why Global Legal Law Firm is the Right Firm for Helping with High-Risk Merchant Accounts

We know the fintech industry. We earned our reputation as experts in the electronic payments field through years of successful work advising a wide range of clients that range from merchants, processors, ISOs, card brands, agents, and sub agents at every level of the payments world. Our firm has focused on electronic payments from our inception. We serve on industry boards, we advise on compliance with the myriad of state and federal laws and regulations governing electronic payments, and we ‌specialize in working with high-risk merchant accounts.

Our success is due to our diligence, creativity, and advocacy. We work hard to develop a tailored approach to your specific situation. Whether that involves getting your reserve funds returned or resolving issues with your processor, you can count on our experience, know-how, and relationships to optimize the outcome.

Our Process

Working with our skilled team of attorneys is easy. Once your client agreement is signed, our staff will work closely with you to move your matter to completion. You’ll know exactly where your case stands every step of the way.
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    Case Negotiation
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    Case Resolution

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