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Global Legal Law Firm has years of experience successfully removing merchants from the MATCH/TMF list.

Getting placed on the MATCH/TMF list can be a merchant’s worst nightmare. Placement on the MATCH list can often become a complete prohibition to credit card processing. For most businesses, a disability to process payments equates to a total loss of income. At best, some merchants are able to limp by with limited processing (usually at much higher rates) while on the MATCH list.

For merchants placed on the MATCH list, there are few things more important than getting removed from the list. That’s where Global Legal Law Firm comes in.

From untangling the reason you were put on the list to effectively bringing your case to the right people, Global Legal Law Firm has the credibility and know-how to help your business return to processing credit card payments without wasting valuable time.

Global Legal Law Firm works through our proven system to get you removed from MATCH list without delay.

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Why Global Legal Law Firm is the Right Firm for Getting You Off from MATCH

Global Legal Law Firm has years of experience successfully getting our clients off the MATCH list. Getting placed on the MATCH list (or terminated merchant file) is devastating for a business. Our MATCH list attorneys work with you to identify the triggering event and develop a personalized approach to advocate for your removal as soon as possible.

Global’s firm has a well-deserved reputation for excellence. Our firm’s founding partners, James C. Huber and Christopher R. Dryden, are widely recognized as experts in the electronic payments industry. Mr. Huber and Mr. Dryden sit on the board of multiple organizations engaged in the electronic payment processing industry. We know intimately what processors are looking for and how to rehabilitate your merchant account.

Our Process

Working with our skilled team of attorneys is easy. Once your client agreement is signed, our staff will work closely with you to move your matter to completion. You’ll know exactly where your case stands every step of the way.
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    Signed Client Agreement
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    Case Resolution

MATCH List Removal Success Stories

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Fiserv put Chris’s agency on the MATCH list in 2020

Chris is a small business owner located in New York runs a full service media agency specializing in helping its customers develop their brand on social media platforms. He formed this business in 2019 and began working with First Data in 2020. Due to errors in the coding of transactions by his payment processor, client payments were showing up as declines, causing his clients to make multiple attempts to pay and leading to multiple transactions on the same credit cards. Through no fault of his own he was notified in July of 2020 that his merchant account had been terminated and he had been placed on the MATCH list.

How Global Helped

After 3 months of attempting to deal with First Data on his own (and getting nowhere) Chris enlisted the help of Global Legal who was able to identify the responsible parties and had him removed from the MATCH list and his account reinstated in less than two months from the time he retained our services.  Chris is now back in business developing the careers of social media influencers the world over.

GLL Paypal 800p gradient

Paypal terminated Marie’s merchant processing account

Marie is a small business owner located in the State of Florida who sells and ships her product throughout the country.  Marie did everything right.  She had a high customer satisfaction rate and business chargeback thresholds lower than the industry averages of all the major card brands. Nonetheless, Paypal terminated her merchant processing account and seized all the money in her business account (over $35,000) all with no explanation as to why or when she might receive the money back. For nine months Marie attempted to contact Paypal on her own, every time reaching a dead end.

How Global Helped

Then Marie got Global Legal involved. We were able to locate the appropriate people, get a response from Paypal and had her money back in her account all in less than 60 days.  This is the Global Legal Law Firm advantage.

Have you been placed on MATCH list or TMF?  Don’t waste months or even weeks trying to resolve it on your own.  The Global Legal MATCH team can get moving on your matter immediately and our tried and true process has demonstrated its effectiveness again and again. This is the Global Legal MATCH expertise at work.

GLL Intuit 800p gradient

Intuit put Terry on the MATCH list in 2020

Terry is a small business owner in Alabama who builds computers.  He has been in business since 2006 processing payments with no issues until May of 2020 when he was the victim of computer hackers who perpetrated almost $70,000 in credit card fraud. His account was subsequently closed by his bank and soon thereafter he was notified that his merchant processing account had been terminated and he had been placed on the MATCH list. This was extremely distressing to Terry as he no longer had the ability to process payments for his customers, putting his business in jeopardy.

How Global Helped

Terry attempted to deal with INTUIT for six months on his own with no response, so, finally, Terry contacted Global Legal.  Within 3 days of contacting INTUIT Global Legal was notified that Terry and his business would be removed from the MATCH list immediately. With his merchant processing accounts up and running again, his business was saved. This is the Global Legal advantage.  Put MATCH list placement removal experts to work for you.

GLL Amex 800p gradient

American Express added Kevin to the MATCH list in 2020

Kevin has an internet based business selling personal protective equipment online and he ships throughout the country. In late 2020 he received notice from his payment processor that he had been placed on the MATCH list for unspecified reasons but most likely due in part to two Federal felony criminal indictments his company is facing.

How Global Helped

Even with those criminal indictments, Global Legal was able to identify the appropriate and responsible parties at AMEX and was able to effectuate his removal from the MATCH list in little over 30 days after the submission of a single letter in Kevin’s defense, saving his business. This is the MATCH list expertise of Global Legal’s team put to work.  That same expertise can be put to work for you.  Contact us today.

GLL Chase 800p gradient

Chase added Pat to the MATCH list in 2020

Pat runs a consignment store that conducts estate sales in the Florida area, the proceeds of which go to help at-risk youth in the community. She has been in business since 2017. In October of 2020, Pat was notified by her then current processor that she had been placed on the MATCH List by JP Morgan Chase in January of 2020, for suspicion of identity theft.  This was the first that Pat had ever heard of MATCH list, let alone that she had been placed on the MATCH list. There was no notification and no explanation.

Pat attempted to sort out this misunderstanding on her own but continually met a dead end, so she retained Global Legal.  We were able to identify the appropriate party at Chase Bank (and as it turns out her processor at the time, INTUIT) and had a response from INTUIT within four days of sending a letter to their attention.

How Global Helped

Global was able to clear up the misunderstanding surrounding the supposed identity theft and had her removed from the MATCH list within 30 days of the initial contact. Isn’t it about time you took action to be removed from MATCH list?  Global Legal is here when you’re ready.

MATCH List Testimonials

  • Case Description: David M. is a successful entrepreneur who runs many different businesses, processing 4.2M a year.  Through no fault of his own, American Express placed David on the MATCH list due to some unfounded charges against one of his businesses (chargers that were quickly thereafter dropped).  Global Legal was successful in taking David’s case to Amex and negotiating his removal from the MATCH list.  In addition, Global was even successful in getting Amex to reinstate all of David’s businesses processing accounts with Amex – a win for the client that was as unlooked for as it was meaningful. "Global Legal Law Firm was very professional in handling my MATCH case. I could tell from the get-go that Chris and James were the attorneys I wanted on my case. They are responsive, understanding, and quick to act. I highly recommend them to anyone needing help with removing their business from the MATCH list."

  • Global was very helpful with my MATCH case! They have over 10 years’ worth of experience in the Payments Litigation industry, and it shows! James Huber and Chris Dryden are recognized experts in the payments space, and I do highly recommend their services to others!

  • Case Overview: First Data placed Ritch’s LLC on the MATCH list, claiming he was “laundering” across various MIDS. With just one letter and some follow up discussion, Global Legal Law Firm Partner James Huber and Global’s MATCH List Removal Team were able to secure Ritch’s removal from the MATCH list. Global’s expertise in the payments space enabled James and his team to cut straight to the issue at hand, explaining clearly how First Data had made a mistake, leaving First Data without any option but to concede.

    Global Legal Law Firm had impressive turnaround times on my MATCH case. Their lawyers are very skillful in electronics payment litigation, especially considering their modest rates. Overall, I would give Global 5/5 stars! Thanks for representing me!

  • Case Overview: Kevin reached out to Global Legal Law Firm after being alerted he had been placed on the MATCH list. James Huber, a firm partner with over a decade of experience, was able secure Kevin’s removal from the MATCH list and allowing Kevin’s business to get back on track. We were unfairly added to the MATCH list and got nowhere trying to get ourselves off the list. Contacting the financial institution who put us on there was an exercise in futility, leading to disconnected numbers and emails and calls being ignored. Global Legal Law Firm knew exactly who to contact and set up a conference call for us with the financial institution, which led a second call, during which they informed us they had taken us off the list. We went from not being able to get a merchant account anywhere in the USA to now having four of them in the USA, with great terms.

  • Case Overview: Alicia signed up for a private mentoring program, but was scammed out of thousands of dollars. She came to Global Legal for guidance on next steps. Chris Dryden and the Global team provided consulting services in addition to the drafting of a demand letter on Alicia’s behalf. Global was extraordinarily helpful with my case! I had an unusual situation that they were doubtful that they could help me with. Despite that, they went above and beyond and, as a result, delivered a surprise victory. Without reservation, I highly recommend their services to others!

  • Case Overview: Suleyman contacted Global Legal Law Firm when his business was placed on the MATCH list. After only three weeks of having the case, James Huber and Global’s MATCH team was able to remove Soundvive, LLC, from the MATCH list. Global Legal helped get my business back on track by securing my removal from the MATCH list! They quickly and professionally handled my case when I wasn’t sure how to proceed. I’m so glad I employed their services and Global is now my go-to law firm for anything payments related! Their focused expertise in the electronic payments space is evident.

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