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FinTech Firms Face Numerous Legal and Regulatory Challenges

New technologies and financial products in FinTech often mean new regulations. Even well-established FinTech businesses can face new compliance requirements as regulatory agencies race to keep up with changing technology.

Global Legal Law Firm’s skilled FinTech lawyers can help you navigate complicated compliance issues related to finance and technology. We offer outside general counsel and have extensive experience handling complex business litigation, cryptocurrency, electronic payments, commercial collections, and much more.

The dynamic nature of FinTech makes firms especially vulnerable to legal issues in the regulatory environment.

Legal challenges you could face in the FinTech industry include:

  • Cybersecurity requirements
  • Data privacy protections
  • International laws
  • Cryptocurrency regulations
  • Electronic payment requirements
  • Fraud protection
  • Fair lending practices
  • Product transparency
  • Honesty in advertising
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Federal Regulatory Agencies and FinTech Products

FinTech is regulated on a state, federal, and international level. Regulations for your organization will vary depending on who can access your business and what services you offer.

While your company will be subject to the laws of the state where you operate, you may also be subject to technology and finance laws in the states or countries where your clients reside. 

Global Legal’s knowledgeable FinTech attorneys can help you understand which regulations apply and guide you through complicated legal processes.

Global Legal Provides Comprehensive Legal Services for Financial and Technology Firms

Global Legal’s expert FinTech team provides extensive legal services to handle even the most complex matters. Our areas of expertise include:

Electronic Payments Law

Handling electronic payments on your own can lead to expensive legal issues that compromise the stability and integrity of your organization. Our FinTech attorneys are experts in electronic payments law.

We have extensive experience working with ISOs, processors, credit card companies, and processors. Allow our team to help you navigate the electronic payment process and avoid common pitfalls.

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Complex Business Litigation

Our team can help you handle complex litigation that can arise during normal business operations. Whether you need assistance with litigation defense, electronic payments, mergers and acquisitions, or adversary bankruptcy, we have the knowledge and experience to guide you throughout the litigation process.

Outside General Counsel

Global Legal’s experienced FinTech lawyers know that keeping in-house counsel can be expensive. That’s why we offer outside general counsel services. Obtain expert legal advice and assistance with day-to-day legal matters without the overhead cost of on-staff attorneys.

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