Global Legal Law Firm’s James Huber Speaks at MPC22


MPC22 The Digital Commerce Event

James Huber and Michael Douglas presented on the Legal Developments in Crypto Payments panel at the 12th Annual Mobile Payments Conference in Atlanta on August 24 (“MPC 22”).  MPC recently released a video of the panel session Check it out!!

MPC 22 gathered bright minds from the payments industry in one place to address “The Currency of Change.”  Programs focused on existing electronic payment methods geared toward fiat currency and explored the ways cryptocurrenices are making headway into the payments space.  Banks, fintechs, payfacs, ISOs, startups and cryptocurrency platforms such as networked and kicked off new projects all geared toward faster, safer and more efficient payment processing.  Global Legal Law Firm was in the mix and is now engaged in ongoing projects with other attendees and presenters. MPC 22 was a reminder of the utility and growth opportunity that stems from in-person gatherings geared toward furthering the payments industry and concurrent legal framework Global Legal Law Firm supports.

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