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Global Legal Law Firm is a commercial debt collector that handles commercial collections litigation in California, Washington, and Oregon (and many other states including Idaho, Texas, Massachusetts, Virginia, Illinois, and D.C.) for various lenders, and debt management firms including:

  1. Defaulted Merchant Cash Advance Agreements
  2. Defaulted Factoring Agreements
  3. Industrial Equipment Lease Defaults

Our commercial collections department handles all aspects of debt collection services in California, Washington, and Oregon (and other states), including pre-suit analysis and merchant interaction, full representation during litigation, and post-judgment enforcement.  From beginning to full repayment, Global’s goal is to take that non-performing debt obligation and convert it into a positive revenue stream, whether that be in a one-time, lump sum settlement, the establishment of a monthly payment plan, or even obtaining funds against the judgment debtor’s will through bank levies and wage garnishments.

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What Does the Pre-Suit Involve?

Pre-suit involves conducting a full investigation, making aggressive phone calls, and verifying information. This process can involve “skipping” or “skip tracing,” which means finding the debtor’s address and assets, including their hidden assets and property, in order to satisfy the commercial debt.  See Global’s blog article on Collectability Assessments. (link)

Once we have a complete view of the matter before us, we’ll often reach out to the debtor and use the sheer threat of lawsuit to reach a settlement.  If this is unsuccessful, we’ll move into the litigation phase, preparing the necessary documents, and filing suit towards obtaining a default judgment.

Once a lawsuit has been filed, Global taps into our network of experienced process servers to effect service of process on the debtors and debtor company.  Often, at this stage, the debtor comes forward to seek a remedy as they now realize the threat of lawsuit was not an empty one. Our goal is to serve important legal documents as quickly as possible so our clients are offered the best chance of a speedy resolution and quick payment.

During the litigation process:

As the lawsuit progresses through the stages of litigation towards that of default judgment, Global provides regular updates to the client, so that each step of the process is clear and defined.  This communication works as well with any opposing counsel as we are always able and willing to entertain settlement talks and offers of repayment, even in the middle of litigation.

What Does the Post-Judgment Enforcement Involve?

We pursue legal avenues that are aggressive and effective. We work to find the quickest and most efficient way for our clients to collect. This may include asset attachment through the court officer, or garnishing the debtor’s accounts, placing liens, conducting debtor exams or other means.

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