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Payments Litigation Since 2008

Global Legal Law Firm’s payments attorneys have been working in electronic payments litigation since 2008. Drawing from our over 30 years of combined experience in the e-payments industry, we have represented credit card brands, agents, ISOs, processors, merchants, and more. We know that for many the payments world is a confusing and often intimidating black hole. Global’s expertise helps illuminate that darkness, helping you navigate the world of bankcard processing.

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Whether you’re starting a suit or being sued, our Global team of litigation experts will defend your interests as no common attorney can. We will tailor our services to your needs and help your business.

Guidance for All Areas of Electronic
Payment Processing Disputes


We assist merchants through the myriad of challenges you face as a business owner. Reserve Funds being withheld unfairly? Has your business been placed on the MATCH list? Is your processor taking advantage of your profits? From breached contracts to getting the best representation, Global will also help you contest unfair trade practices, processor disputes, early termination fees, non-conforming goods, and other breached contracts. Our law firm will ensure you are treated fairly and get what you deserve, particularly if your merchant issue is in the payments space.

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ISOs (Independent Sales Organizations)

We at Global Legal specialize in complex litigation and general legal advisement involving Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), so if you have any issues as an ISO or with an ISO, feel free to reach out to us. In our digital payments day and age,, ISOs perform an essential role, yet the arrangements between and involving ISOs can be layered, nuanced, and complex.

It is essential for you to have all ISO contracts reviewed by an expert payments attorney prior to contracting. Having Global attorneys at your side through the contracting process best insulates your business and relationships, whether it’s with an agent, sub-agent, sub-ISO, or otherwise.As electronic payments industry experts, Global helps you make informed, advised, and wise decisions for your business.

Global Legal can assist if your ISO is the party being sued, and/or assist you if an ISO is suing you. From forming your ISO to keeping your ISO protected, to staying advised of the latest laws and policies, Global Legal can serve as your ISO’s outside general counsel – here when you need us.‌


At Global Legal, we represent processors large and small. Our skilled team of attorneys and litigators utilize their decades of experience to advocate and promote adherence to the processing agreement. Global can aid to initiate vendor suits against entities (including ISOs) for fines and penalties, fee disputes, and uncollected chargebacks and fees. We have ample experience in dealing with these complex issues and offer your best chance to get repayment. If the merchants being sued do not comply, they will be subject to legal garnishment, lien structures, levies, and judgment enforcement.

If you’re the party being sued, we can defend you from ISO and bank lawsuits, vendor suits, and other actions resulting from fees disputes, hardware problems, breach of contract or defaulted agreements, early termination fees, contract cancellation, bank disputes, unfair trade practices, and reserve funds. In short, Global attorneys work both sides of the processing world, thus knowing each side inside and out, enabling our expertise to benefit you with an insiders edge.

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Global Legal’s talented team of payments attorneys specializes in giving you tailor-made solutions for you and your company in the payments space, whether you are a merchant, a processor, agent, ISO, or you find you wear many hats in the fintech space. Request a free consultation today to learn more about how we can help you.