Global Legal Expands In Asia

Myanmar-based law firm, Global Legal Myanmar (GLM), has been invited to join a special delegation by U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, U.S. Embassy, Myanmar, to the Singapore Fintech Festival 12-16 November.

Yangon-based, Global Legal Myanmar is a legal and business development consultancy. A partnership between U.S. based Global Legal Law Firm (with offices in Los Angeles and San Diego) and Feinstein Law, P.C. (with offices in Seattle and Miami), GLM was founded by attorneys Todd Feinstein and Michael Ghilezan.

Feinstein and Ghilezan are two international lawyers consistently working on matters involving clients from the USA, Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and beyond. Together, they are working to bring US and other international companies to Myanmar, especially in the fintech field. In addition, they offer crisis management solutions, both in HR, as well as general corporate issues. GLM currently represents US financial services and mobile applications companies in their expansion into Myanmar.

Feinstein has two decades of experience in securities and public corporations. First in broker/dealer operations, and now as a securities lawyer, Todd is a complex problem solver, he has worked on multiple IPOs involving international companies, as well as advising both US and foreign corporations on a variety of regulatory and securities litigation matters.

Ghilezan is both an experienced litigator as well as international deal-maker. With a strong background in the payment processing industry, he leads Global Legal USAs fintech department. He also has extensive experience in employment law and Human Resources (HR) training and improvement.

Having traveled to Myanmar multiple times, they fell in love with the beautiful country and its amazing people. Feinstein and Ghilezan have an extensive network of business contacts in Myanmar, including at the top banks, media/marketing, resource, manufacturing, and heavy-industry companies. Along with a team of local professionals, Ghilezan and Feinstein have a proven ability to bring foreign companies into Myanmar to achieve productive networking and investment or joint venture goals.

GLMs mission is to bring more Western FDI into Myanmar, notably from the US and Japan, and to help Myanmar companies be better prepared to face the challenges of the global market.

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