Global Legal’s James Huber Takes On Visa!

James Huber, Partner of Global Legal Law Firm, asks the tough questions, and Visa has to answer!

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Did you ever wonder what is the rationale behind Visa’s surcharge cap? You’re about to find out as James Huber is joined on stage by Rob Johnson, Visa’s chief rule creator, to take us behind the scenes of card payment industry. As we navigate the realms of cost acceptance, non-cash adjustment models and cash discounting, Rob illuminates the impact of the surcharge cap across various industries, and also clarifies the cost of PCI compliance. This conversation is not just about understanding the mechanics, it’s about gaining insights into Visa and MasterCard’s perception of the surcharge – a crucial aspect for anyone involved in the industry.

Now, let’s shift our focus to the nuances of dual pricing, and the inherent risks of non-compliance. With Rob’s expertise, we delve into the importance of transparent pricing for consumers and the penalties tied to non-compliance. He shares valuable insights on card payment rules, underscoring the need for merchants to foster excellent consumer experiences. As we progress, we’ll explore the legalities and requirements around surcharging and cash discounting – an aspect that often poses challenges to merchants.

Lastly, we tackle the complexities of dual pricing, consumer perception, and how this influences business practices. Rob reveals the liabilities associated with EMV readers and how menu pricing can become a potent marketing tool. Our conversation also unveils what drives compliance regulation, consumer complaints made to Visa, and the fear of losing card transactions. To top it off, Rob demystifies the realm of debit and credit card transactions, alternative routing rights, and the requirement to display card pricing – crucial knowledge for anyone in the trade. So, tune in for a comprehensive understanding of the card payment industry, straight from the expert’s mouth.

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