Global Legal’s James Huber Featured In San Diego Business Journal’s Top 100 Leaders in Law 2023

A version of this article originally appeared in The San Diego Business Journal. See the original press release here.

Global Legal’s James Huber Included In The San Diego Business Journal’s Top 100 Leaders In Law 2023

James C. Huber, Partner at Global Legal Law Firm, is an expert payments litigator, cryptocurrency consultant and a nationally recognized expert in the compliance field. He has spent the last 15 years in the payments litigation space at the head of his brainchild Global Legal Law Firm. An early entrant to the payments environment, Huber has adapted with the times to lead Global Legal to major wins against giants in the field such as Bank of America, PayPal, Intuit, American Express and Chase Bank. Huber is well-versed in mergers and acquisitions, compliance, contract review, internal operations, regulatory defense including FTC, CFPB, DOJ, AG, class actions and all legal aspects that affect a business. Huber received his bachelor’s degree from Montana State University and his J.D. from Cal Western School of Law.


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