How Embedded Finance is changing the way we do business

Even though embedded finance is becoming more popular lately, the idea itself isn’t something new. For years, e-commerce companies have been using financial services to make their platforms simpler for customers to purchase products and services. The major difference now is that established financial businesses are beginning to make these same offerings accessible through online channels – making them much more mainstream than before.

For small businesses just getting started, interacting with a traditional bank is no longer essential. With an e-commerce or accounting platform they can quickly open deposit accounts and order debit cards to cover all of their monetary needs without ever having to visit the bank. These platforms are actually more like software companies that collaborate with banks and technology experts in order to bring about financial products within one unified customer experience which is both straightforward and convenient.

What Is Embedded Finance?

Embedded Finance is a concept that is fundamentally transforming the way traditional financial services are provided; it involves building financial capabilities into products and services so there is no need for users to separately access or manage finances. This includes consumer payments, lending, insurance, and other financial offerings being incorporated directly into current technology products that people already use regularly. While it has been around for years, Embedded Finance is seeing increasing traction due to the shift in consumer behavior that promotes technology-first finance solutions. By blending finance with UX design through an API flow, users now have frictionless access to core aspects of banking allowing them to focus on their primary objectives. With its growing popularity, companies are now investing significantly into Embedded Finance in order to serve their customers’ needs better.

How Embedded Finance and Fintech as a Service are Revolutionizing Businesses

The emergence of embedded finance and Fintech as a Service (FaaS) has revolutionized the way businesses deliver digital products to their customers. Embedded finance seamlessly integrates financial services into software applications and websites, enabling high-volume access to services such as payments, loans, asset management, or wealth advisory. FaaS enables companies to outsource their financial operations at scale to specialized teams without having to build or manage new internal infrastructures. This eliminates complexity associated with financial operations while improving customer experience with faster transaction times and better data privacy protection. For existing banks or fintechs, embedded finance and FaaS provide opportunities for growth and collaboration in an agile, cost-efficient way. Ultimately, embedded finance and FaaS have made it easier than ever before for businesses to deliver effective and streamlined services that meet their customers’ demands.

Benefits Of Embedded Finance for Businesses

Embedded finance is an attractive option for businesses looking to streamline operations while providing greater value to customers. It offers a variety of benefits including reduced cost and increased efficiency of essential services, improved customer service and loyalty, enhanced digital integration capabilities, and more. By allowing businesses to place financial services within their own applications or platforms, embedded finance allows them to manage their own sources of funds while ensuring the efficient distribution and use of capital. This reduced reliance on outside financial institutions can greatly reduce costs while enabling companies to deliver streamlined experiences directly to customers. Allowing data analytics to be easily incorporated into the embedded systems provides real-time insights which can help drive decisions that are tailored specifically for individual businesses. The integration of embedded finance technology has the potential to revolutionize how businesses access and utilize costly financial services and ultimately provide more value for customers.

The Future of Embedded Finance

Embedded payments are rapidly gaining traction amongst B2B2C and B2B business models, such as platforms and marketplaces. PayTechs are driving adoption rates of these payments by making them increasingly easier to access. As non-financial services providers add payment systems into customer journeys, embedded payments will soon become a ubiquitous part of the online landscape providing users with more seamless experiences.

The worth of this synchronized experience for customers is a key factor behind why embedded finance generated $20 billion in revenues within the United States alone, as found by McKinsey’s market sizing model. We anticipate that this figure will double over the next three years!


As more businesses look for ways to increase their competitive edge, embedded finance offers a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective solution. Utilizing this powerful technology, companies will be able to reduce costs associated with traditional financial services while offering custom experiences tailored to their customer needs. When implemented strategically, embedded finance offers the potential to give businesses the edge they desire in an increasingly competitive financial landscape. By allowing access to data insights and improved customer service, it can help build loyalty and increase revenues while providing a positive user experience. In short, embedded finance has become an enabling asset that businesses should seriously consider adding to their arsenal of tools.

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